Silvio Gomez Chaux from El Mirador in Huila



Silvio Gomez Chaux, a dedicated coffee farmer from Pitalito. These lands have been in the familiy for a while as it was inherited by Silvio’s father. 

“Before my father died he divided the farm among 7 brothers, 3 men and 4 women. My father bought the farm in 1930 with a value of 20,000 pesos, a total of 50 hectares, and it was divided among my brothers in 1983-1984.” - Silvio explained.

On El Mirador farm, he works alone producing high quality geisha for us. Regarding his other coffees a partner administrator helps him and during the harvest season 15 people work on the farm fertilizing and cleaning. The temporary workers are welcome in rooms at the farm to provide them shed after a long harvest day.

Coffee is in his veins, Silvio had become a coffee farmer, because his father set the example and coffee meant everything for Silvio. 

I have no idea what I would be without the coffee.” – said Silvio.


Silvio Gomez Chaux has participated once in the Cup of Excellence, but did not pass the first round. However he is passionate about coffee and said: “I would like to be in the first 10 places of the Cup of Excellence.” In 3-5 years Silvio aspired to improve his crop and expand it. To manage the El Mirador farm better and sell at fair prices. 

When we asked him about his experience with The Coffee Quest, Silvio told us: “I am motivated by understanding that my coffee has an added value.” The Coffee Quest Colombia made the Triple Geisha as a combined lot from three dedicated farmers from Pitalito. Silvio Gomez Chaux, Lenis Valderama and Carlos Imbachi. Silvio Gomez Chaux. Is the largest contributor to this lot CL20014.



“...the special treatment they give me when I arrive at the warehouse. Even if I only have a little bit of coffee to sell they treat me as if I were a producer with a lot.” - silvio commented on our work in Pitalito.


Taking care of the planet is a priority for Silvio, he does what he can through re-forestation (planting trees) on El Mirador farm and preventing as much as possible not to contaminate the ecosystem with the pulp for post-harvest processing. 

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