Sitio Braga, growing coffee with a fighter spirit


Jeremias Lietig Braga is a dedicated coffee producer who manages Sitio Braga – a family farm in Montanhas Espírito Santos region, Brazil. Sitio Braga, taking from the family name, is where coffee tradition was preserved throughout generations

Located in Vila Pontões, this 24-hectares farm sits at an average altitude of 1150 m.a.s.l. Coffee is currently the livelihood of Jeremias. Apart from coffee, they use the land also to grow avocado, corn and beans.

 “During the harvest, the dedication is total. We might not rest at any time, not even on weekends. The dedication to harvest is every day.” – Jeremias Braga

Jeremias lives an works on the farm only with his wife and his father. Everyone works on the farm from planting to harvesting. Since it is a family-oriented farm, there are neither permanent nor temporary extra workers. Although the farming crew of Sitio Braga is quite small, their dedication and their passion are anything but small.

The three-member family made quite a team of fighters! They participated in several competitions (local, state and national contests) and as a result, they added noteworthy awards to their achievement collection. 

The most recent award of theirs was a national win. They ranked 8th in the Brazil Cup Of Excellence 2020. Adding onto that, Jemerias’ wife, Sueli Schwanz de Souza, got 1st place in the Florada Premiada 2020, a competition for female farmers hosted by Três Corações, a popular roaster in Brazil. 

On the farm, Jeremias has a coffee pulper, a processing machine and a dryer, which are all in use during the harvest season. The final product we received in 2021 is a full volume of Honey Red Catuai. Due to the humid climate of Espírito Santos, we usually see coffee producers opt for a washed and semi-washed process.

The lots from SItio Braga reach us thanks to our regional partner, Farmers’ Coffee. After processing at the farm, Jeremias brings his coffee to the Farmers’ Coffee office. Afterwards, the farmer can choose to stay for roasting, cupping his own coffee at Farmers’ Coffee and receiving feedback. Farmers’ Coffee is not just our provider and supplier. They are the connecting point that helps us reach other local farmers in the region.


Income through coffee can help farmers like Jeremias manage their daily lives. However, he always sets higher goals to improve their family living conditions. On the other hand, the high cost of production is becoming a challenge for him and other local producers to maintain their earnings.

This enhances again the importance of fair price for farmers. Through the partnership with Farmers’ Coffee and The Coffee Quest Brasil, we seek to provide local farmers with fair prices that they earned.




Sitio Braga acknowledged the negative influence farmers might pose on the environment. To them, sustainable farming only serves for the better, for their own farm, and for the planet. 

Similar to other local farmers, Jeremias’ family is preserving natural springs and forests to protect the biodiversity surrounding the farm. Environmental farming techniques are also conducted alongside.

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