StratoBerry is a coffee grown on Mount Elgon in East Uganda at 2300 m.a.s.l by several smallholder farmers, notably from Buzemunwa village in the Gamoga region. They personally deliver their cherries to various collection stations on the mountain. 

Lead farmer Alex and sourcing maestro Normann orchestrate operations at the Sironko Coffee Yard, the epicenter of processing and washing. Grown in volcanic soils, this blend of Catimor, SL.14, and SL.28 varieties captures its origins with vibrant floral and tutti-fruity notes, flourishing in the climatic diversity of the forested zone.

The process of this coffee is natural, which includes meticulous cherry collection, layered drying for an extended period, and shielded fermentation in large plastic drums for 12-24 hours.

About Sironko Coffee Yard

In 2022, The Coffee Quest explored East Uganda’s Mt. Elgon region, delving into the intricacies of StratoBerry. The journey unfolded amidst dedicated individual farmers, situated between 1800-2300 meters above sea level, who meticulously delivered their cherries to diverse collection stations on the slopes of Mount Elgon. From there, the beans journey reaches the Sironko Coffee Yard. Here, Norman, a maestro in coffee processing, meticulously oversees the transformation of cherries into the distinctive Lava Cherry and StratoBerry beans. StratoBerry differentiates itself from LavaCherry in the fermentation process, spending a brief 12-24 hours in large plastic drums.

Uganda’s coffee production thrives on climate-smart practices, promoting minimal environmental impact and heightened climate resilience. Smallholder coffee producers, such as those in the village of Buzemunwa, contribute to this sustainable ethos across Mount Elgon’s slopes.

Lead farmer Alex is a vital community figure, who connects local producers with export partners. At collection stations such as Sulu, cherries undergo assessments to ensure fair compensation for farmers. Alex’s role extends beyond economic development, deeply woven into the community’s fabric. The visit to Sulu provided insights into Alex’s journey, from a modest office to the impressive collection station that now thrives under his stewardship. Through this intricate network, Alex has not only fostered economic growth but also cultivated a sense of pride and community spirit among the coffee farmers of Mt. Elgon.

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