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Ethical coffee bean sourcing

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IDOriginCoffee NameRegionProcessCup ProfileStatusSpot PriceForward PriceUnitBags AvailableWarehouse
BRL-0006-GPBrazilFazenda do Juquinha - Lot 4Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas GeraisNaturalwhite grape, orange, panela, almondSpot$3.95/lb.-60kg GP9EXW Continental
BRL-0010-GPBrazilSition Bateia (21)Espirito SantoWashedraisin, baking spices, caramelSpot$3.95/lb.-60kg GP16EXW Continental
COL-0422-GPColombiaEl Nevado del HuilaHuilaWashedpanela, molasses, caramel, dried fruitsSpot$3.58/lb.-70kg GP69EXW Continental
COL-0425-GPColombiaFinca Lote 3 - Yeast InoculatedSanta Maria, HuilaWashedcherry, orange concentrate, sangriaSpot$6.25/lb.-70kg GP7EXW Continental
COL-0429-GPColombiaFinca El Jardin - Lot 2Planadas, TolimaWashedcherry, strawberry, wineySpot$5.65/lb.-70kg GP3EXW Continental
COL-0430-GPColombiaFinca El Jardin - Lot 1Planadas, TolimaWashedwhite wine, pineapple, mangoSpot$5.45/lb.-70kg GP3EXW Continental
COL-0432-GPColombiaEl Nevado del Huila - DECAFHuilaWashedbrown sugar, molasses, caramel, very sweetSpot$4.15/lb.-70kg GP20EXW Continental
COL-0438-GPColombiaFinca El Triunfo - Lot 1Palermo, HuilaWashedprickly pear, melon, sugar caneSpot$4.95/lb.-70kg GP2EXW Continental
COL-0439-GPColombiaFinca El Paraiso - Field BlendGigante, HuilaWashedwhite grape, pear, orange melonSpot$5.95/lb.-70kg GP3EXW Continental
ETH-0015-GPEthiopiaHaroo Natural - Gr. 1Uraga, GujiNaturalcherry, orange, lemon, sparkling, cleanSpot$4.50/lb.-60kg GP15EXW Continental
ETH-0036-GPEthiopiaIron Lion Natural - Gr. 3Bensa, SidamaNaturalred fruits, cranberry, caramel, nuttySpot$3.95/lb.-60kg GP18EXW Continental
ETH-0038-GPEthiopiaBombe Abore Natural - Gr. 1Bensa, SidamaNaturalfresh blueberry, florals, basil, milk chocolateSpot$5.60/lb.-60kg GP59EXW Continental
ETH-0041-GPEthiopiaQabballe Natural - Gr. 1Uraga, GujiNaturaltropical, passion fruit, cherry, grapefruit, pepperSpot$5.75/lb.-60kg GP19EXW Continental
ETH-0042-GPEthiopiaTima Washed - Gr. 1Shakiso, GujiWashedfloral, lemon candy, white sugarSpot$5.65/lb.-60kg GP14EXW Continental
ETH-0044-GPEthiopiaGargari Gutity Washed - Gr. 1YirgacheffeWashedpineapple, lemon drop, coffee flower, honeySpot$5.75/lb.-60kg GP16EXW Continental
ETH-0047-GPEthiopiaGargari Gutity (Kurume) Natural - Gr. 1YirgacheffeNaturalpapayuela (mountain papaya), tropical, peach, cherrySpot$5.95/lb.-60kg GP16EXW Continental
HON-0043-GPHondurasFinca La Lesquinada - Lot 366 ** FREE SHIPPING **Corquin, CopanHoneywiney, red fruits, white grape, lemon-citricsSpot$3.95/lb.-69kg GP2EXW Continental
HON-0059-GPHondurasFinca CCD ** FREE SHIPPING **OcotepequeNaturalmixed berries, caramel, melon, cleanSpot$3.95/lb.-69kg GP3EXW Continental
HON-0072-GPHondurasProyecto CabañasMarcala, HondurasHoneybrown sugar, soft citrus/yellow, nougat, balanced, roundSpot$4.75/lb.-69kg GP10EXW Continental
NIC-0044-GPNicaraguaOcotal, Nueva SegoviaHoneyyellow fruits, butterscotch, lemon, sweetSpot$3.50/lb.-69kg GP2EXW Continental
Las Segovias - Pacamara Small Beans (Screens 14-17) ** FREE SHIPPING **
Ocotal, Nueva SegoviaWashedsweet, caramel, creamy, citricSpot$3.50/lb.-69kg GP4EXW Continental
NIC-0060-GPNicaraguaFinca La Bendicion - Pacamara NaturalOcotal, Nueva SegoviaNaturalblackberry, raspberry, spanish limeSpot$6.35/lb.-69kg GP25EXW Continental
NIC-0061-GPNicaraguaFinca La Bendicion - Pacamara HoneyOcotal, Nueva SegoviaHoneybutterscotch, yellow fruits, orange, rhubarb, super sweetSpot$6.35/lb.-69kg GP27EXW Continental
NIC-0063-GPNicaraguaFinca Brisas de Mogoton - Maracaturra NaturalOcotal, Nueva SegoviaNaturalpapaya, orange, caramelSpot$5.50/lb.-69kg GP7EXW Continental
NIC-0064-GPNicaraguaOcotal, Nueva SegoviaNaturalraspberry, cherry, spanish limeSpot$5.35/lb.-69kg GP4EXW Continental
NIC-0065-GPNicaraguaOcotal, Nueva SegoviaNaturalbutterscotch, yellow fruits, sugar cane, incredibly sweetSpot$5.35/lb.-69kg GP13EXW Continental
NIC-0066-GPNicaraguaBeneficio Las Segovias - SHGOcotal, Nueva SegoviaWashedpanela, chocolate, orange, almondSpot$3.40/lb.-69kg GP9EXW Continental
NIC-0072-GPNicaraguaFinca Un Regalo de Dios - Yellow Catuai NaturalOcotal, Nueva SegoviaNaturalstarfruit, white grape, sugarySpot$5.35/lb.-69kg GP11EXW Continental

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Request Samples!

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