U.S. Offerlist

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IDOriginCoffee NameRegionProcessCup ProfileStatus# bagsSpot PriceForward PriceUnitWarehouse
ETH-0003-GPEthiopiaQabballe Natural Gr. 1Uraga, GujiNaturalstar fruit, lemon, araza, citronela, cleanAfloat (ETA 5/11)40$4.90/lb.$4.75/lb.60kg GPEXW Continental
ETH-0004-GPEthiopiaGoraa Natural Gr. 1 - USDA OrganicShakiso, GujiNaturalmango, floral, black tea, grapefruit, dark/light honeyAfloat (ETA 5/11)9$4.90/lb.$4.75/lb.60kg GPEXW Continental
ETH-0006-GPEthiopiaHamasho Washed Gr. 1Bensa, SidamaWashedjasmine, lemon-lime, white sugar, citronelaAt Origin94$4.85/lb.$4.70/lb.60kg GPEXW Continental
ETH-0007-GPEthiopiaHamasho Natural Gr. 1Bensa, SidamaNaturalgrape, blueberry, lime rind, wineyAt Origin37$5.10/lb.$4.95/lb.60kg GPEXW Continental
ETH-0009-GPEthiopiaIlala Washed Gr. 1Bensa, SidamaWashedlime citrus, white sugar, peachAt Origin55$4.45/lb.$4.30/lb.60kg GPEXW Continental
HondurasMay 2021Expected
NicaraguaJune 2021Expected
EcuadorFall 2021Expected
ColombiaJuly/August 2021Expected

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