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IDOriginCoffee NameRegionProcessCup ProfileStatus# bagsSpot PriceForward PriceUnitWarehouse
COL-0296-GPColombiaFinca Los Jazmines - Lot 1HuilaWashedfloral, dark honey, grapefruitSpot4$5.80/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0304-GPColombiaFinca Los Jazmines - Lot 2HuilaWashedfloral, dark honey, sugar cane, citricSpot1$5.80/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0297-GPColombiaLas Perlitas HuilaHuilaWashedrose tea, cherry, sugar cane, tropicalSpot4$5.75/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0299-GPColombiaLa SierritaAntioquiaWashedblack cherry, caramel, orange, dense and sweetSpot17$4.75/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0316-GPColombiaEl Nevado del Huila (Type 2) - DECAFHuilaWashedbrown sugar, molasses, caramel, very sweetSpot3$4.75/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0303-GPColombiaFinca El EncantoHuilaWashedstar fruit, red apple, grapefruitSpot3$5.15/lb.-70kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0311-GPColombiaHuila Magico #9 - Finca El MiradorHuilaWashedfloral, aromatic, lemongrass, honeySpot2$6.15/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0324-GPColombiaAntioquia Magico #1 - Finca La Falda (Rubiel)AntioquiaWashedcherry, blood orange, sugar caneSpot2$9.75/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0330-GPColombiaAntioquia Magico #4 - Finca El PincelAntioquiaWashedfloral, peach, honeySpot4$8.25/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0325-GPColombiaAntioquia Magico #8 - Finca La GuaduaAntioquiaWashedhoney, blackberry, creamySpot2$6.50/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0329-GPColombiaAntioquia Magico #9 - Finca El PorvenirAntioquiaWashedfloral, lemongrass, wild lemon, honeySpot3$6.25/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
COL-0333-GPColombiaAntioquia Magico #10 - Finca La Falda (Manco)AntioquiaWashedpeach tea, honey, mango, ciruelaSpot3$6.25/lb.-35kg GPEXW Continental
EthiopiaJune/July 2022
HondurasJune 2022
NicaraguaJune 2022

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