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IDOriginCoffee NameRegionProcessCup ProfileStatus# bagsUnit PriceUnitWarehouse
COL-0086-GPColombiaCafe Laboyano (Grade 1)Pitalito, HuilaWashedred apple, sugar cane, honey, citric aciditySpot28$3.65/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0087-GPColombiaCafe Pitalito (Grade 2)Pitalito, HuilaWashedsweet, panela, caramel, clean cupExpected50$2.95/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0089-GPColombiaFinca El Roblar - Lot 2Suaza, HuilaWashedorange, caramel, guavaSpot3$4.30/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0088-GPColombiaFinca El JardinPlanadas, TolimaWashedred fruits, molasses, grapeSpot2$4.35/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0090-GPColombiaFinca Lord BaltimorePitalito, HuilaWashedlemon, white sugar, starfruitSpot4$4.15/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0091-GPColombiaFinca La ProsperidadIsnos, HuilaWashedfloral, lemongrass, white grape, cleanSpot4$4.70/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0092-GPColombiaFinca La GuacobiaSan Adolfo, HuilaWashedfloral, citric, citronela, gingerSpot2$4.85/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
COL-0095-GPColombiaLas Perlitas HuilaHuilaWashedorange, tropical, cherry, white grape, brightSpot6$4.50/lb.70kg GPFOT Continental
HON-0005-GPHondurasFinca Los Lesquines - Lot 40Corquín, CopanHoneysweet, aromatic, starfruit, banana, honeySpot11$3.35/lb.69kg GPFOT Continental
EthiopiaApril 2020Expected
NicaraguaMay 2020Expected
  • Terms & Conditions

All you need to know about getting your favorite coffee bags delivered.

  • Prices: Prices are FOT Continental and subject to a $25 surchage on orders of 2 sacks or less.
  • Condition & Warehouse: We are more than happy to consolidate with orders from other importers. Please let us know in advance.
  • Pallets & Packaging: All pallets are wrapped and strapped.
  • Samples: Available upon request. Standard sample size is 250 grams.
  • MOQ: Minimum order quantity is one bag.
  • Transport: We are happy to organize transport according to your needs or you may organize your own transport if you wish.
  • Payment: For first time buyers, we ask for an advance payment before delivery.
  • Volume Discount: Volume discounts of $.05/lb. and $.10/lb. on 5 and 10 bags or more, respectively, mixed and matched in any fashion.

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