We are in this together.

When everything slows down...

Whether you want to be informed or not, you cannot really avoid the news and the ongoing restrictions happening around us. Every governmental measure is for people, for our health, for our livability, even though now everything seems confusing and uncertain. We are in this together. 

When everything slows down, we realize that we are not different from each other. We all face difficulties, in this crazy situation and some of our problems are the same. Now our health and economy is fragile, these two things that help us keep going in our everyday lives. Don’t worry, we are in this together.

We all have to isolate ourselves at home, keep social distance, cancel meetups with friends, colleagues and family. We share similar thoughts when we hear the latest news, we have similar doubts about the economical situation. This is something not everyone talks about, but as The Coffee Quest our values are Transparency, Collaboration and Quality. We will discuss it, as we are in this together.

We are on a mission to connect coffee farmers to roasters focusing on our beautiful planet, fair prices, exceptional quality products and hardworking people of the coffee world. So we kindly invite you, as coffee family, to join The Coffee Quest and share your insights, suggestions and ideas about:

  • How to reach the final consumer. How to get good coffee to people’s “home-office”?
  • How to support coffee farmers during this period?
  •  How do you motivate yourself nowadays? What are your tips & tricks for working from home?
Read our blog on Quarantine mindfulness, tips and list of activities to spice up your #SocialDistancing period. 

Our Team will be fully available to support your business activities during this period! 
Let’s use the down time to cup and discuss strategies together. 

The Coffee Quest Europe
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Request Samples!

Please leave details below and we’ll be in touch soon!
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