Our Team

Meet our Team

Administration Department: Monica Cardona, Marco Marin, Erick Devia, Edilberto Becerra, Ana Ramirez, Juan Cañas, Juan David  Jaramillo, Juliana Serna, Aldahyr Vaquiro, Sebastian Cuspian, Duván Tobón, Leidy Naranjo, Oscar Quintero

Quality Department:
Sergio Villada, 
Kelly Pastes, Yessica Parra, Alberto Gutierrez, Alexis Silva, Camilo Cuchimba, Yénnifer González, Sirley Pulgarín, Luis Alberto Delgado, Maria Ñañez, Camila Ninco, Alberto Delgado, Jasbleidy Hoyos, Angy Henao.

Production Department:
Victor Gutierrez, Jesus Vera, Leonardo Alvarez, Daniel Ossa, Rubiel Gomez, Yonier Torres, David Grisales, Alejandra Hernandez.  

Meet our partners

La Victoria
Futureproof Coffee Collective

Our Roots

The first concept of the Coffee Quest was to go on a Quest for great coffee with great stories, as it was conceived by its founders, Ronald de Hommel and Jeroen Kuiper, a team of journalists living in Colombia.

They got frustrated by the traditional structures in the coffee world. Their aim was to bypass most middlemen and bring coffees of local farmers straight to the European consumers who could read about their personal stories and their coffee.

As demand from roasters for Colombian specialty coffees grew, The Coffee Quest became a ‘real’ company bringing unroasted coffee to artisanal roasters all over Europe

In 2017,  three new passionate partners joined the Quest, Stephen Levene, Michiel Lampers and Friso Spoor, all doing a similar thing but in different countries. The international Coffee Quest was born.

Ronald is general manager of The Coffee Quest Colombia. Stephen combines quality and sourcing in Colombia with running The Coffee Quest US. Michiel and Friso cover all of Europe from our office in the Netherlands. 

The Coffee Quest Colombia has grown from a modest coffee-sourcing office into an experienced exporter with clients in 5 continents. 

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