Beneficio San Vicente, in Honduras

Beneficio San Vicente is located in the department of Santa Barbara in Honduras, near Lake Yojoa (the only lake in Honduras!). Working as a hub for Specialty Coffee in the country, this is not your typical exporting outlet. The company specializes in not only SHG Communal Lots but also regional Communal Lots and Single-Farm Micro-Lots. They work primarily with farmers who have an average of 3 Ha of coffee and grow the following varieties: Pacas, Catuai, Parainema, Bourbon, IHCAFE90, and Lempira.

Farmers that contribute to their SHG Communal Lots typically process Washed coffees; the cherries are de-pulped, fermented in open tanks for approximately 16 hours, and then washed and dried either in traditional greenhouse structures for 1-2 weeks or in mechanical dryers.

Specialty Coffee Done Right, in Honduras...

Beneficio San Vicente began its coffee journey back in the 1950s, by the hand of Mr. Cantalicio Paz, who then passed it down to Mr. Fidel. They’d travel in between coffee communities buying cherries without a physical location, with the sole aim of improving the living conditions of these communities and quickly became one of the major coffee buyers in the region. 

Ever since then, San Vicente has seen the evolution of the Coffee Production Chain in Honduras and has been a major player in its course as well. Nowadays it is Benjamin Paz behind the steering wheel, serving as a reference for Honduran Specialty Coffee.

Benjamin follows his father’s philosophy of excellence and hard work, driving growth and innovation to his region with San Vicente’s various Specialty Coffee Programs, which connect farmers with long-term buyers. 

The Coffee Quest discovered Benjamin’s efforts of connecting small farmers with roasters/importers across the world and decided to join him in his quest. Their SHG and Proyecto Cabañas are just a few examples of the many programs Benjamin runs; from communal lots to single farm lots, Beneficio San Vicente is present and leaves no farmers behind, proving that his model of transparency and direct trade is unparalleled.

Join us on The Quest!

Step into the world of Honduran coffee with The Coffee Quest. Our Honduran origins, and specially Beneficio San Vicente, with Benjamin at the helm, are a testament to our commitment to sourcing the best green coffee from passionate farmers. Each cup of coffee from these lots carry our mark of traceability, collaboration and quality, capturing the essence of its journey from the farm to your cup. 

Transparency Report?

At The Coffee Quest US, transparency is key.

Our Transparency Report is available on request, so get in touch today for an in-depth look at our ethical and sustainable sourcing practices!

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