Elala, from Bona Qiqe Station, Ethiopia

Bona Qiqe Station is located in Bensa, Ethiopia in the Bona Zuria District (one of 30 in the region), with Elala being the name of this specific lot produced here. Managed by Asefa Dukamo Korma, the site sits at an elevation of 1,920 – 2,330 m.a.s.l and processes both Natural and Washed coffees. Approximately 390+ farmers contribute their cherries to this site, mostly with 74158 and 74112 varieties.

The Elala Natural lot is immediately placed to dry on raised beds, with continuous movement for a uniform drying. Depending on the weather, this process might take from 16-25 days. The Elala Washed lot is undergoes a traditional wet fermentation for between 36 and 72 hours, and then dried on African beds for about 12 to 15 days.

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Elala, in the Sidama language, means “Mountain”, a very suitable name for this lot! Due to the extremely high elevations, harvest runs on the later end, from November to January. The Station has around 100 temporary employees that are contracted during the harvest season and 5 permanent employees year-round. 

Established in 1996 as producers, Daye Bensa has lived through all the turmoils that coffee growing and exporting entails in the region. Nowadays, they are a reference of excellence and resilience in Ethiopia and work with various communities of out-growers from whom they receive cherries. They work with multiple washing stations in the Bensa, Sidama area, including some of which they own.

In addition to Elala, over the past 5 years, both in the US and Europe, we have worked with some of their other washing stations, notably: Hamasho, Bombe, and Keramo.

Daye Bensa is no stranger to quality and has learned how to produce high-quality coffees: in 2020, they won 7th place in the COE, in 2021 8th place, and in 2022, 2nd place!; This is our third year working with Daye Bensa, and we are extremely excited to develop this relationship!

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