Finca Divino Niño from Palta, Ecuador

Finca Divino Niño is located in Palta, Loja, Ecuador, and is managed by Gabriel Chamba, a second-generation coffee grower. The farm consists of 1 hectare of land, sitting at an elevation of 1,850 m.a.s.l, with around 1,000 Typica trees and 500 San Salvador trees.

All his coffee is processed in the same way; upon arriving to the wet-mill, the coffee is left in cherry for 24 hours, de-pulped and then dry fermented for approximately 48 hours. After washing the coffees, they are dried in a greenhouse structure for between 12-15 days, depending on the weather.

Growing Coffee from an Early Age…

Since he was young, Gabriel has been dedicated to coffee production in a mostly traditional way, selling to intermediaries at a fairly low price. He purchased this farm in 1999 and although he wasn’t super motivated due to the low prices, he wasn’t producing other crops at the time and so was forced to continue producing and selling in this fashion. About 7 years ago, the local government created a project to equip local producers in the area with a de-pulper so they could stop selling in “bola” or low-grade natural (as was the norm) and start producing washed coffees. 

As soon as he received the de-pulper, he started focusing on quality. And every year since then, he has continued to put forth efforts into not only producing specialty but improving quality with each passing harvest. Aside from coffee, they produce sugar cane and fruits, mostly for their consumption. While we’ve been working in Loja for years, 2023 marks our second season working with Gabriel and we are thrilled for harvests to come!

Join us on The Quest!

Curating the finest green coffee from skilled farmers is just the first step on our process towards quality, collaboration and traceability. Each sip carries the spirit of traceability, showcasing the journey from the field to your cup. As you relish the flavors, you’re embarking on a sensory expedition through the best green beans from Ecuador, experiencing the character of this traceable origin coffee. Elevate your coffee adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Ecuadorian coffee.

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At The Coffee Quest US, transparency is key.

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