Finca El Rosal, from Urrao, Antioquía

Finca El Rosal is located in Urrao, Antioquía, Colombia, and is managed by Yesica Moreno, a 36-year-old, second-generation coffee grower. The farm consists of 3.5 hectares of land, with 2.5 hectares currently dedicated to growing coffee. It sits at an elevation of 1,950 m.a.s.l, with around 6,500 coffee trees in production of the Chiroso (Caturra and Bourbon) and Caturra varieties.

All her coffee is processed in the same way; upon arriving at the wet mill, the coffee is de-pulped and left to dry ferment for 84 hours in its own mucilage. The parchment is then washed and placed to dry in raised beds for around 15 days, depending on the weather.

Family and Dedication

Yesica’s 17 years of experience in coffee growing have been instrumental in elevating the farm´s quality. After taking over the reins of her family’s farm, Yesica has turned it into a family-oriented operation, with her husband overseeing land management and hand-picking labors, while she manages the processing and drying.

In addition to her farming responsibilities, Yesica is also passing on her knowledge to her children, with her eldest son collaborating with her in depulping and washing the coffee beans. The family also produces avocados as a secondary crop. Looking to the future, they plan to expand their cultivation to include exclusive varieties like Geisha. 

2024 marks our first year working together, and Yesica´s dedication has us excited for future harvests!

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