Finca La Concepción in Buesaco, Nariño

Finca La Concepción is located in Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia, and is run by Ana Lucia Dulce. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 2,000 m.a.s.l. and consists of 70 hectares in total, with 14 of those hectares planted with coffee. Of those 14 hectares, approximately 12 are planted in Caturra (60,000 trees), 1.5 in Variedad Colombia (6,000 trees), as well as .75 hectares planted in Tabi (approximately 3,000 trees).

This lot undergoes a double fermentation, first in cherry and then de-pulped and fermented for additional hours (mixing daily pickings). Upon washing, the coffee is dried in a parabolic dryer for between 15-20 days depending on the weather conditions until it reaches 10-11% humidity.

From Commodity into Specialty...

Finca La Concepción has been in the family for generations and the house that sits on the property is over 100 years old, with some of the original construction still intact! Seventy hectares, with 14 in coffee, is an extremely large farm for a producer in Nariño. We are usually a bit hesitant to work with farmers of this size because their focus is more on quantity instead of quality. 

However, another producer whom we work with in Nariño introduced us to Ana Lucia and said that she wanted to enter the specialty market. After meeting her, visiting the farm, and hearing about her desire to transition from commercial to specialty, we knew we had found a partner!

We started by doing trainings with the pickers and discussed experimenting with different recipes in the wet mill. Upon implementing these changes and experimenting with a few different batches, she converted to specialty overnight…. it was quite impressive! Convinced and committed, after the first year, she built a huge parabolic dryer, allowing her to slowly dry the coffee on raised African beds and produce more of her harvest as specialty. This is our 5th year working with Ana Lucia and we couldn’t be more excited for the harvests to come!

Join The Coffee Quest in this journey through Colombia, as we unveil the hidden flavors and heartfelt efforts behind each cup, bringing you the best green coffee from traceable origins. At The Coffee Quest, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about crafting extraordinary experiences, one cup at a time.

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