Finca La Esperanza from Timaná, Huila

Finca La Esperanza is located in Timaná, Huila, Colombia, and is managed by Brayan Joven, a 33-year-old, third-generation coffee grower. The farm consists of 2.5 hectares of land, sitting at an altitude of 2,100 m.a.s.l, and around 6,000 coffee trees in production, with the majority being Pink Bourbon, Chiroso, Geisha, and some Caturra.

This lot is a field blend of Finca La Esperanza’s best, including Pink Bourbon, Chiroso, and Geisha. Brayan processes this coffee in batches, or “cochadas”. This involves picking coffee cherries on Monday and letting them ferment overnight. On Tuesday, he picks more cherries and depulps the ones from the previous day, continuing this process until Friday when all the batches are washed together. 

This leaves us a very complex fermentation gradient, with fermentations ranging from 12-96 hours. After the coffee is washed, it is laid to dry in a greenhouse structure for approximately 20 days.

Straight from Timaná…

Brayan’s family has a rich coffee tradition that spans back to the last century, starting with his grandparents and passed down through generations to the present day. Brayan purchased his own farm, Finca La Esperanza, 18 years ago and has over 20 years of coffee craftmanship! 

Keeping it in the family, Brayan’s brother and father also own nearby farms, contributing to a collaborative effort. They work together seamlessly by rotating farms weekly and efficiently dividing labor. Their collective ambition is clear: to produce the best coffee in Colombia! Given the dedication and expertise they invest in their craft, this goal does not seem far off.

Although this marks the first year of our collaboration, Brayan’s exceptional cup quality, Finca La Esperanza’s diverse varieties, and unwavering effort assure us that it’s just the beginning of a lasting partnership!

Join The Coffee Quest in this journey through Colombia, as we unveil the hidden flavors and heartfelt efforts behind each cup, bringing you the best green coffee from traceable origins. At The Coffee Quest, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about crafting extraordinary experiences, one cup at a time.

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