Finca Los Robles, in La Paz, Honduras

Finca Los Robles is located in the community of Los Planes in Cabañas, La Paz, Honduras. Run by Rodolfo Jiménez, he is part of Project Cabañas, the specialty coffee program from Beneficio San Vicente. The farm is approximately 8 Ha in total, with 3 Ha planted in coffee, and sits at an elevation of 1,650 m.a.s.l. Rodolfo grows approximately 85% IHCAFE 90 variety and 15% Catuai.

His Natural lot is handpicked and hand-selected in the morning so that only the absolute ripest cherries undergo processing. In the afternoon they are taken straight to dry in African beds for around 22 days, being moved around constantly to ensure an even drying. For his Anaerobic Honey, cherries are given the same harvesting treatment, soaked in water, and placed in sealed plastic barrels to undergo fermentation for 72 hours. Cherries are then de-pulped and dried in African beds for around 18 days.

Classic and Effective...

Rodolfo Jimenez found his vocation in coffee when coming back from his years of military service. The year was 1996, he came back and bought himself a plot of land where he decided to start growing coffee. During the initial years, he was getting advice on coffee growing from a friend who had been working with coffee for years. 


Ever since then his passion has only gotten greater and greater, buying more plots of land from nearby neighbors. Nowadays he lives on the farm with his family, which helps him in each step of the way, from harvest to processing. We discovered Rodolfo Jimenez’s farm thanks to Beneficio San Vicente and their Project Cabañas initiative, which started back in 2012.

They are on the mission to organize a small group of producers (currently around 40) with excellent coffees, intending to highlight their quality and find better markets for them.

We resonated with Beneficio San Vicente and Project Cabañas and decided to partner up with them to help develop the specialty coffee industry in this region.

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