Finca Mi Mundo, in Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Finca Mi Mundo is located in the community of La Peña, in the state of Santa Bárbara in Honduras. Run by Secundino Sabillon Alfaro and his eldest son, they are part of the Specialty Coffee Program, from Beneficio San Vicente. The farm is approximately 2.8 Ha and sits at an elevation of 1,400 m.a.s.l, where they grow 100% Parainema.

This lot starts by handpicking the ripest cherries and selecting out the damaged or over/underripe ones. That same afternoon, cherries are de-pulped and thrown in a fermenting tank, without the use of water, and left there overnight. The next morning, the coffee with its mucilage still intact is placed on drying beds for around 12 to 15 days, moving the parchment throughout this process every couple of hours, ensuring uniform drying.

Coffee Producer by Choice...

Secundino Sabillon Alfaro has been around coffee his entire life. His father owned a couple of coffee farms, so from an early age he learned the craft. In 2012, he was finally able to buy his plot of land, and in 2015, he planted his first coffee lots, all Parainema. He is now the head of his farm, and passing down the knowledge to his eldest son, who now takes charge of the farm when Secundino is not around.

We found Secundino’s farm through Beneficio San Vicente and their Specialty Coffee Program. They are on the mission of elevating farmers’ coffees with differentiated processes and varieties, intending to highlight dedicated farmers and find better markets for their coffee.

We resonated with Beneficio San Vicente’s mission and decided to partner up with them to help develop their program not only in Santa Barbara, but also other regions where they work direct with farmers.

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