Gersay Beyou Natural, in Ethiopia

Gersay Beyou Station is located in Gersay Kebele or Village, in the southern part of Ethiopia. It is managed by Tariku Guyo and is located 14 km from the city of Yirgacheffe. This site consists of 2 hectares, sitting at an elevation of 1,914 m.a.s.l, and is dedicated to producing both Washed and Natural coffees, where more than 1,550 farmers contribute every week, mostly with 74110 varieties.

There is no prior fermentation to this Natural, maintaining that clean, sweet profile. This process starts by purchasing the cherries from the local farmers and hand picking them once those arrive at the site. The cherries are then floated and immediately placed to dry in African beds for approximately 19 to 21 days, being moved regularly to ensure uniform drying. This might seem like a simple process, but they have been perfecting this technique year after year, achieving a pleasant and distinctive  Ethiopian Natural profile.

Classic Natural Process..

The driving force behind these Gersay Beyou Coffee lots is their producer, Primrose Coffee, who beyond their dedication to crafting outstanding coffees, are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the communities involved.


Led by Mr. Abreham Mengiste & Mrs. Meseret Workneh, they have focused on various social responsibility programs, such as schools and bridge construction projects, and providing essential school supplies to students. Primrose Coffee understands the importance of fostering sustainable growth and empowering the farmers who contribute to their success.

In our first year working with Primrose, we already know it won’t be the last!

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