Inza Pink Lot from Inzá, Cauca

At The Coffee Quest, we care about quality, and we praise quality. Inza Pink is the result of our efforts in finding and praising smallholder producers that are doing the right thing, but cannot achieve volume at their farm to produce their own single farm lots. This Pink Bourbon Lot is the fruit of the labor of four amazing producers from Inza, Cauca, with their farms averaging 1,800 m.a.s.l in elevation and 3.5 Ha in size.

They all started this lot by careful selection and handpicking of the ripest cherries, all of them supported by their family in the entire process. De-pulped and placed to ferment the next day, it is left in open barrels for 36 hours, the muciliage is then washed away and the coffee is laid to dry in “marquesinas” or green houses for between 10 and 15 days.

Highlighting Excellence in Inzá.

This lot is produced by coffee growers Neftalí Fajardo from Finca San Beltrán, Rosa Zembrano and Jhon Deiler from Finca Piedra Lisa and Maria Lucila Oidor, from Finca Tedreros. All of them coffee growers by tradition, and keeping that legacy alive by imparting their craft onto their children. 

At The Coffee Quest, we take immense pride in presenting exceptional coffee lots, each a testament to our commitment to quality, collaration and transparency. Inza Pink, a harmonious collaboration of dedicated coffee producers in the heart of Cauca, Colombia, embodies the essence of our mission. We believe in fostering relationships with farmers, nurturing unique varietals, and sharing their stories with the world.

Join us in this journey, as we unveil the hidden flavors and heartfelt efforts behind each cup, bringing you the best green coffee from traceable origins. Experience the magic of Inza Pink and discover the difference that passion, precision, and collaboration can make in your coffee journey. At The Coffee Quest, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about crafting extraordinary experiences, one cup at a time.

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