Project Cabañas, from Beneficio San Vicente, Honduras

Project Cabañas is the initiative from Beneficio San Vicente in the municipality of Cabañas, Honduras. The aim is to gather a small group of producers with the highest quality coffee in the region and find better markets for their hard work. Over 40+ farmers comprise this specialty coffee group, with an average farm size of 2.5 Ha of land at 1,650 m.a.s.l. These farmers grow mostly the Lempira variety, with some crops of Catuai, IHCAFE90, and Pacas.

The Honey lot starts by receiving the cherries from the farmers, submerged in water to remove floaters, and immediately de-pulped to be placed in African beds to dry for 15-20 days. The Natural lot is very similar except that instead of de-pulping, the coffees are taken straight to the African beds for 20-25 days. Both lots undergo constant movement to ensure a uniform drying process, allowing for that sweet Honduran profile to shine!

Straight from Cabañas, to the World...

Starting back in 2012, Beneficio San Vicente, with Benjamin Paz at the helm, discovered the talent and quality of the Cabañas region, and thus Project Cabañas was born. With only 3 producers in the beginning, Project Cabañas started with a de-pulping machine and three drying beds installed on a rented plot of land. 

The project has been growing little by little each year. They now have a proper and better wet-mill and drying station and work with over 40 farmers, all eager to improve their craft! Many are planning to grow Geisha and Catuai varieties to further quality even more.

The Coffee Quest discovered Beneficio San Vicente and Benjamin’s efforts of connecting small farmers with roasters/importers across the world and decided to join him in his quest. We truly resonated with them and Project Cabañas and decided to partner up and help develop the specialty coffee industry in this region.

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