The Tala Bocanegra Women, from Tolima, Colombia

Collaboration has always been one of the central values at our company, which is the reason why whenever we start working within a particular region, we don’t see it simply as a “transactional relationship”, but a deeper relationship with the producers and the community. This lot is brought to you by 4 female producers from Planadas, Tolima, all exceptional in their craft, with a lifetime of experience.

With careful handpicking and hand-sorting of the ripest Red Bourbon cherries, they take their coffees to the Wet-Mill of La Roca State, where they follow rigorous processing and drying protocols. It starts with an initial 24-hour in-cherry dry fermentation before being de-pulped, followed by a second 36-hour fermentation. Afterwards, the coffee is washed and placed to dry for an initial 7 days in Marquesina until reaching 25% moisture. 

Female Producers from Tolima, Colombia

After the initial drying, parchment is then stabilized for 24 hours in bags, dried again in mechanical driers until it reaches 15% moisture, and then stabilized again for one full day. Finally, the drying continues until the coffee has reached 10% moisture content. All of this drying process is done at a constant 38 degrees Celsius. 

The female producers who made this lot possible are: Angelica Rojas from Finca La Gloria, Diana Zambrano from Finca La Esperanza, Aseneth Bedoya from Finca Maranata, and Mercedes Vasquez, from Finca El Ventilador. Their farms sit at an elevation of 1975 masl and size of 7 Ha, on average. All of them are 4th generation coffee growers, working alongside ASOPEP and Jorge Elias Rojas from Finca El Jardin (Mercedes is Jorge’s mother!), to elevate their craft and achieve differentiated coffees. This lot is the representation of the hard work between all parties involved.

Working closely with their families, they have kept the coffee-growing tradition alive to this day… Jorge Rojas is a great example of this! Not only have they kept the tradition alive, but they have improved their practices by implementing sustainable farming, such as water treatment plants and organic fertilizers. We praise these entrepreneurial women producers and look forward to building the relationship with them!

Join The Coffee Quest in this journey through Colombia, as we unveil the hidden flavors and heartfelt efforts behind each cup, bringing you the best green coffee from traceable origins. At The Coffee Quest, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about crafting extraordinary experiences, one cup at a time.

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