Finca Terrazas del Pisque from Pichincha, Ecuador

Finca Terrazas del Pisque is located in Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador, and is managed by Sebastian Garcés, alongside Arnaud Causse. The farm consists of 39 hectares of land, with 17 of those hectares dedicated to growing coffee. It sits at an elevation of 2,080 m.a.s.l, and has around 10,000 coffee trees in production, including: Red & Yellow Caturra, Pacamara, Las Tolas, Bourbon, Java and Sidra.

Sebastian picks the ripest of cherries for the Washed lots, floats them to remove over/under-ripes and then washes them with clean water. After rinsing, the coffee is de-pulped and left to ferment in tanks for 48 hours. The coffee is then dried in African beds for 15 – 18 days, depending on the weather. For the Natural lots, same process but after rinsing the cherries, they are placed to dry in African beds for almost 30 days, depending on the weather.

Terrazas del Pisque’s Premium Selection…

With a unique approach to coffee growing in Ecuador, Terrazas del Pisque has established itself as an incubator of elusive and exotic coffee varieties. Their regenerative agriculture, a focus on “leaving nature to do its job” and a full stop on chemical inputs, have greatly benefitted consistency and flavor crafting. 

In that sense, you can tell the amazing job Sebastian Garcés and Arnaud Causse do, achieving a sustainable ecosystem along the equator line. 
Some of the strategies they have implemented at farm level are chickens to help combat larvae, Pelibuey sheep that help graze and fertilize (but also avoid eating the coffee cherries), and pollinating bees. On top of that, they create their own charcoal from fallen branches or pruned trees, which they grind and return to the soil.

And now with a decade of experience, Sebastian aims for an overall increase in production and maintaining or even improving their coffee’s quality…. yes, we are all for it! 2023 marks the first year working with Terrazas del Pisque, and we are extremely excited about future harvests!

Join The Coffee Quest in this journey through Ecuador, as we unveil the hidden flavors and heartfelt efforts behind each cup, bringing you the best green coffee from traceable origins. At The Coffee Quest, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about crafting extraordinary experiences, one cup at a time.

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