Diego Samuel Bermudez, from Finca El Paraiso in Cauca.

Juan Cañas
Juan Cañas

Diego Samuel Bermudez, from Piendamó, Cauca, a visionary and coffee processing specialist, started his Quest in 2008. Despite his family not being deeply rooted in coffee farming, they instilled in him the values of hard work and determination, and his family’s ethos of “Pasión y Tesón” (passion and perseverance) became the driving force behind his coffee journey.

In 2015, the trajectory of Finca El Paraíso shifted dramatically when they participated in a regional coffee competition and secured first place. This remarkable and early achievement served as a catalyst, propelling them into the specialty coffee world.

Together with his brother Alexander Bermúdez and cousin Cristian Zúñiga, they established the company INDESTEC, with the purpose of researching and optimizing coffee processes. Nowadays, the synergy between Finca El Paraiso and INDESTEC is the reference of Added Value in the Colombian coffee industry, with more than 10+ replicable coffee profiles around the Castillo and Geisha varieties, all with unparalleled quality.

Coffee Innovator...

We met Diego in 2018, at our Dry-Mill (then located in the heart of Medellín), when he reached out and provided us with samples of his processes, and kickstarted our journey together. From then on, we have had a really close relationship as one of Finca El Paraiso’s exporting partners, helping bring his coffees to roasters around the globe.

Innovation is the word that will always describe Diego Samuel and his farm. He is one of the first in Colombia to start experimenting with “profile-design”, by researching microorganisms and yeast.

The Quest for Quality and Excellence...

The foundation of this approach lies in a rigorous routine resembling an industrial-style process, emphasizing cleanliness and a controlled setting. Every cherry undergoes a meticulous wash with filtered water to eliminate all microorganisms. Following this, specific strains of microorganisms are introduced into the fermentation stage. Diego then manages the fermentation intensity by closely monitoring temperature, pH, pressure, and other environmental factors.

It’s crucial to emphasize that particular flavor components within the coffee aren’t artificially added. Instead, they are intentionally formed through a carefully researched fermentation process, using existing molecules from inherent compounds, as adding foreign compounds that are expensive in the market, would prove unprofitable.

But Diego and Finca El Paraiso don’t stop just at research and science. They care about their region and are tackling the environmental issue with the same innovative approach. Diego encourages environmental leadership in water resources, pollution prevention, soil management, and organic fertilizers.

The Coffee Quest celebrates 5 years of relationship with Diego Samuel Bermudez and Finca El Paraiso! We are really proud of all the progress and growth that has been made, which is sure to have and will inspire the coffee industry.

Coffees from Finca El Paraíso

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