Entre Volcanes – Supporting small farmers in Guatemala

Entre Volcanes Harvest


Entre Volcanes is a special project that started in 1990 and focused on supporting local small specialty coffee growers in Guatemala. The programme includes about 500 small producers and was developed by the Falla Family. It is now, collaboratively, managed and supported by our new partner in Antigua, Guatemala, the San Miguel Mill.

The Falla family and San Miguel company decided to support small producers from the very beginning onwards, as they also have a coffee producer background. This means that they know the challenges Guatemalan coffee producers are facing in day-to-day life.

“Being producers ourselves, we understood there had to be a complete follow-up along the whole process. That is why San Miguel has a team of agronomists focusing full time in supporting the 500 small producers we work with. “ – San Miguel Team

The project Entre Volcanes supports the smallholder farmers by providing a wide range of benefits from financial aid to farm visits and technical assistance. The activities, supported by a group of agronomists, are intended to ensure quality along the process; such as feedback on seedling and plant management, or cherry-picking practices. However, the producers and their family also receive medical and dental services.



The coffee from Entre Volcanes includes two varieties, namely Bourbon and Caturra. The coffee plants grow under the shade of Grevillea trees at an altitude between 1,500 and 1,700m, and the cherries are picked from November until April. 

After the producers bring the cherries to the San Miguel Mill, they are processed on-site. The process includes washing and fermentation for about 18 hours. Then the coffee is dried on patios and through mechanical dryers. The final product is wonderful coffee beans that are rated medium in acidity, sweetness, and body. The taste notes are best described as chocolate-y and caramelly with a hint of stone fruits.


Small producers in Central America often face the hurdle of low prices and labour exploitation – an issue that The Coffee Quest and remarkable programmes like Entre Volcanes are targeting. As you might know, our goal is to connect growers to roasters and build a sustainably priced value chain. That’s why we are proud to be part of Entre Volcanes’ programme.  

“This program has been supported by roasters across the world, who are committed to supporting sustainable business models while achieving quality in the most consistent manner, year after year. “ – San Miguel Team


As the name of the project indicates, the coffee plantation is near the infamous Ruiz volcano. The beauty of the volcano and surrounding nature is undeniable. The Entre Volcanes program aims at creating a sustainable business model that supports the maintenance of the environment and the production of high-quality coffee.

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