Finca La Casita, from Urrao, Antioquia.

Finca La Casita is located in Urrao, Antioquía, Colombia, and is managed by David Berrio, a second-generation coffee grower. The farm consists of 1.5 hectares of land, sitting at an elevation of 2,100 masl. With over 5,000 coffee trees, the farm is dedicated to growing the highly sought-after Chiroso variety.

Processing coffee at Finca La Casita is not an easy task, as the farm is very far from the family home where the wet-mill is located. As such, the coffee is picked and left in sacks for two days, then transported by horse to the main road and then by car to the house… all of which can take a couple of hours or more! The coffee is then de-pulped and left in a stainless still tank for 5 days, with just enough water to cover it. The drying process takes between 8-12 days and takes place in a traditional Colombian dryer called a “casa helda.” 

David’s Little Home

David, a second-generation coffee producer was introduced to specialty coffee by his brother-in-law. He told him how to take care of the plants and manage the fermentation process, which he continues to do to this day. The farm was bought by his grandfather about 15 years ago and it was inherited by his father. Now the entire family works on the farm but lives in another community closer to town.

In addition to the coffee, there are avocados, bananas, and plantains that provide some shade for the coffee plants. 

David is building his own house with the profits he gets from coffee production and we are thrilled to see the high prices he receives for his lots, make an impact on his life. 
We have been working together with David and Finca La Casita since 2022, and each year they get us excited about what lies ahead!

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