Finca Los Jazmines from Huila, Colombia

Finca Los Jazmines is located in Palestina, Huila, Colombia and run by Jose Lizardo Alba. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,500 m.a.s.l. and consists of 10 hectares in total. Of those 10 hectares, 7 are planted in coffee, with about 27,000 trees.

Within those 27,000 trees, Lizardo grows a mix of 9,000 trees of Pink Bourbon, 17,000 trees of a mix between Variedad Colombia and Castillo, and around 1,000 trees of Geisha. This lot is made up of 100% Pink Bourbon. The process starts with picking only the ripest cherries, and when the coffee arrives at the wet-mill, the few immature beans that were picked are manually selected out. Afterwards, the coffee is floated in water to remove any overripe and underripe beans that can be hidden behind a “mature” looking cherry.

As Sweet as Jasmine...

The coffee is then immediately de-pulped and anaerobically fermented in plastic bags for around 76 hours. To avoid a build-up of C02, Lizardo has tubes in each bag that allow it to seep out during the fermentation. After washing, the coffee is dried in a greenhouse for approximately 18-20 days. 

Lizardo’s perseverence is also in his familiy’s blood. In addition to coffee, Lizardo and his brothers also operate commercial avocado farms in the region, and have been leading locally this endeavour for a couple of years.

We have been working with Lizardo for many years ago and he consistently produces beautiful coffees. In fact, in 2022, he deservedly placed 4th in our Huila Magico competition! It’s been a pleasure from the start and we always look forward to tasting coffees from Finca Los Jazmines.

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