Finca Sierra Morena in Huila, Colombia

Finca Sierra Morena is located in Palestina, Huila, Colombia and is managed by Wilson Alba. The farm is located at an altitude of 1.750 m.a.s.l. and consists of 25 hectares, of which approximately 6 hectares are planted with coffee, of which 16.000 trees are of the Pink Bourbon variety and 1.500 trees of the Tabi variety.

He usually processes his coffee by hand-picking and hand selecting the ripest cherries, as he is very strict when it comes to picking. He then leaves the coffee in the processing hopper for 18 hours, de-pulps it and place them in open tanks to ferment for 48 hours. He does not use water for any of the previous phases. The coffee is then dried in a greenhouse for 10 to 13 days, depending on the weather, and constantly moved to ensure a uniform drying. 

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Sierra Morena belonged to his grandfather; he owned 6 hectares at the time. Then his father inherited the farm, and bought land from his neighbors, on which his 5 sons grew up, and they were all involved in the activities of the farm and bought more land together. In 2003, the family decided to change the coffee tradition, replacing all coffee trees with fruit production, and planting passion fruit, dragon fruit and lulo on a large scale, leaving part of the farm for cattle. While his brother and father retired and moved to the city,

Wilson remained in charge of the farm. In 2016, he learned about specialty coffee and decided to return to family tradition, planting about 6 hectares of coffee. He is very interested in Pink Bourbon, and he is satisfied with the quality.

Wilson heard about The Coffee Quest from his brother, and although his Pink Bourbon didn’t initially meet the quality standards, the team at The Coffee Quest Pitalito station advised him on how to improve his processing and reduce defects in his coffee. He hopes to continue producing Pink Bourbon with the best cup, but is open to trying new trends in the market to please coffee consumers around the world.

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