La Victoria – Introducing the Producers of the Future


La Victoria is our group lot which includes producers in and around Santa Maria and Palermo, whose farms are located at the foothill of the National Park Nevados de Huila (Huila Volcano). Since 2017, The Coffee Quest has been establishing close and transparent relationships with many producers from this area. Now we are introducing a new program “Productores del Futuro” (or Producers of the future) to improve both farmers’ productive capacity and quality, and their social well-being.

The area of Santa Maria and Palermo has a difficult past because of the internal conflicts and the presence of armed groups such as FARC. This has increased difficulties for farmers to get access to the main roads to transport and deliver their coffee. Today the situation is different, and conflicts no longer make part of the social dynamics of these communities. However, people seek opportunities to prosper in the midst of territory with invaluable natural wealth.

Jamer Cubillos, from Finca El Triangulo, is one example of our producers of the future. He belongs to the third generation of growing coffee and plans to continue doing the same, by passing down his passion for the tradition to his siblings. By taking part in the program “Productores del futuro”, he has transformed his traditional farming into a more advanced form. Moreover, he’s interested in experimenting with the fermentation process as well. Thanks to our program he will be able to receive special advice to improve his cup quality through fermentation.

The Coffee Quest decided to create the new program “Productores del Futuro” to develop a more direct and stable link with small producers, not only by providing fair prices and economic bonuses for their quality coffees but also giving the right tools to improve their quality and creating social programs for their families to have better social opportunities. 

Currently, in Santa María and Palermo we have identified 12 “Productores del Futuro”, and in the southern region of Huila there are another 15 that contribute to our other type 1 coffees, such as Laboyano.


La Victoria is a group lot consisting of coffees that score between 84,5 to 85 points. The lot has a stable cup profile with a lingering milk-chocolate layer and a vibrant citrus fruit acidity that comes from the Typica variety grown at high altitudes. This makes the coffee an excellent candidate for both filter (sweet!) and espresso. 

The Coffee Quest has been working with the same small producers to reach consistency in the cup, and we have seen great improvements over the years. That’s why we recently introduced the project “Productores del Futuro”. By agreeing with farmers on having long-term contracts and being in direct relationship with the roasters, they can improve and maintain the quality of future harvests. 

Surrounded by the Andean Mountain, many farmers produce coffee at an altitude that varies between 1.700 and 2.200 m.a.s.l. Due to the difficult past, the Colombian Coffee Federation didn’t intervene at all and so traditional farming and exotic varietals are still very common, and high-quality coffee is produced without any modern processes.

The program of “Productores del Futuro” is therefore introducing farmers not only to the more modern methods of growing and processing coffees but also to the anaerobic fermentation techniques. Moreover, The Coffee Quest is implementing small coffee processing centres to obtain standardized coffee profiles. The result is an overall improved quality!

For example; A producer would switch from 24hrs to 36hrs of fermentation to generate a more complex cup. The regional station is able to provide continuous feedback and provide tailored advice to improve production methods and monitor the risk.


The aim of “Productores del Futuro” is to create long-term contracts with all contributing producers and include the roaster as well to create a long-term commercial relationship that will be beneficial for everybody. The Coffee Quest provides access to markets, a premium for quality and continuous feedback to farmers. A lot of work! All 85 scoring lots have fixed minimum price that is about 20-40% higher compared to local prices for commercial lots.

The Coffee Quest promotes fair and competitive payments and sustainable production methods that enable us to deliver fully traceable coffee. Our steadfast relationships with farmers are our keys to success as we are able to supply the same lots year after year with full traceability.


One of the objectives of the project “Productores del Futuro” is to implement some of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as Goal 6: “Clean water and sanitation”, Goal 12: “Responsible consumption and production”, Goal 13: “Climate Action”. In order to do that we are developing social and environmental strategies to improve the quality of life of the farmers’ families through regular farm visits, and educational programs also addressed to children to raise awareness about social and environmental topics

Moreover, the area where some contributing farms are located, is around the National Park Nevado del Huila. Here The Coffee Quest has been supporting different projects, funded by the park, to restore and protect biodiversity. Read more on our blog here.

Additionally, The Coffee Quest is implementing a program that complements the efforts of the National Park to create a buffer area to protect endangered species, by supporting and training coffee farmers to transition into organic farming. This program will reduce the impact that traditional coffee production has on the environment by reducing chemical use and creating awareness of nature conservation.

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