Santa Maria & Palermo, Huila, South of Colombia

1700-2200 m.a.s.l

Castillo, Pink bourbon, Caturro, Chiroso, San Bernardo, Typica

The Coffee Quest initiated the “Productores del Futuro” program to establish direct and stable relationships with small-scale producers. Our aim goes beyond providing fair prices and economic bonuses for their quality coffee. We also empower them with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their coffee’s quality and create social programs that open doors to better opportunities for their families.

La Victoria is our group lot which includes producers in and around Santa Maria and Palermo. Nestled at the foothills of the Huila Volcano (National Park Nevados de Huila), this region has been a focus for us since 2017. To further enhance the productivity, quality, and overall well-being of farmers, we have launched a new initiative called “Productores del Futuro” or “Producers of the Future”. Currently, we have identified 12 Productores del Futuro in Santa Maria and Palermo, while an additional 15 contribute to our other type 1 coffees in the southern region of Huila.

Jamer Cubillos is an exemplary member of our “Productores del Futuro” program. He hails from Finca El Triangulo and represents the third generation of coffee growers. With a passion for preserving tradition, Jamer plans to pass down his knowledge to his siblings. By joining our program, he has transitioned from traditional farming to a more advanced approach. Jamer is particularly keen on exploring the fermentation process, and our program offers him specialized guidance to improve the cup quality through fermentation techniques.

Consistency is the key

From the very first cupping when producers bring their samples to our regional station, to the final cupping at the warehouse where samples are taken from every sack, consistency is key. Only after this approval, the parchment coffee is carefully packed in grain-pro, preserving its pristine state until the entire lot is milled.

La Victoria is a group lot of exceptional coffees scoring between 84.5 to 85 points, known for its stable cup profile featuring a lingering milk-chocolate layer and vibrant citrus fruit acidity that comes from Typica variety. This makes the coffee an excellent candidate for both filter (sweet!) and espresso.

The Coffee Quest has worked closely with small producers, witnessing significant improvements over time. Continuous feedback and tailored advice from the regional station drive production method improvements and risk monitoring. All 85 scoring lots have fixed minimum price that is about 20-40% higher compared to local prices for commercial lots.

Transparency Report?

Transparency lies at the heart of The Coffee Quest.

Our transparency report for every coffee is available on request. Get in touch with us for an in-depth look at our ethical and sustainable sourcing practices!

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Request Samples!

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