Fazenda Boa Vista, Passion for ‘Green Gold’


Ibirací, located in the coffee area of Mogiana, is a green paradise with boundless beauties, excellent climate, fertile soil, and favourable altitude for coffee cultivation. Fazenda Boa Vista is located in this area, locally also known as “Green Gold”. The farm has a beautiful coffee panorama and prides themselves in building a business on modesty and passion. 

It all started with the Monteiro-Andrade family’s patriarch, Mr. João Rodrigues de Andrade. He belonged to a humble family and developed a true passion for the land and coffee cultivation, thanks to his grandparents and parents. He got married to Mrs. Aparecida Monteiro de Andrade with whom he had four children: Valéria, Emerson, Anderson, and João Paulo. In 1999 he acquired the property and continued his job with fervour, working every day in the field. 

In 2011, when Mr. João Rodrigues de Andrade passed away. His wife, Aparecida,  together with her sons continued running the farm as part of the family tradition. She brought development in crop management and choice of varieties that best suit their property, taking into account soil characteristics, and altitude.

The farm extends for 135 hectares and has approximately 540.000 coffee plants. The main varieties that grow at Fazenda Boa Vista are Catucaí 2SL, Yellow, Catuaí 99, and Mundo Novo. Location, altitude (1280m above sea level) and the presence of a native forest nearby create a stable climate for their coffee production.  

Fazenda Boa Vista firmly believes that a good coffee must preserve its characteristics so as to be differentiated according to sweetness, body, aroma, and acidity. For this reason, they are committed to quality. In order to do so, they constantly work on improving their harvest and post-harvest techniques, types of equipment, and provide training for the entire staff.


Across Brazil you will find many local competitions, organized by the region’s coffee association or larger cooperatives. Coffee Leaf participates in de judging of local competitions like the Alta Mogiana Specialty Competition. The Coffee Quest supports the purchase of small micro lots to get to know new producers such as Fazenda Boa Vista. 




The concern of Fazenda Boa Vista is to offer a top-quality job, based on the highest level of cultivation and production, and to respect social and environmental aspects in everything they do. 

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