Finca Cataluña from Huila, Colombia

Finca Cataluña is located in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia and is managed by Flor Marina Betancourt and her family. The farm is situated at an altitude of 1,700 m.a.s.l. and consists of 6.5 hectares with approximately 13,000 Pink Bourbon trees, 6,000 Cenicafé1 trees and 1,500 Castillo trees. The family processes the coffee by first fermenting the ripe cherries on the processing hopper for about 12 hours, then removing the pulp and fermenting for 40 hours. After washing, they dry their coffee in a greenhouse with air circulation for between 8 and 12 days, depending on the weather.

Flor learned everything she knows about coffee at a young age from her father’s farm. When she grew up and got married, she encouraged her husband to grow coffee on the land he inherited from his father, where they have lived for the past twenty-three years.

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She says that her husband and her two sons, now 30 and 29, have had the chance to try other activities, moved to the city and tried different jobs, but they have always come back to the farm, where they feel comfortable doing what they know best and where they have better economic opportunities to live.

The work on the farm is enough to keep the whole family busy, and they even hire an extra worker on a regular basis to help out in the fields. During the harvest they employ about 10 to 12 pickers and someone to cook for all the workers. Flor usually makes sure that all the pickers collect properly and that everything is in order, but when it is not so busy, she takes care of her vegetable garden and her flowers. 

Finca Cataluña is Rainforest and UTZ certified. They use all their organic waste from coffee processing in a compost pit, which after decomposition is used to fertilize the coffee trees. They have about half a hectare of nature reserve in the highest part of their farm, which is also connected to a larger nature reserve, which is why they usually find armadillos, capybaras, deer, eagles, and falcons.

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