Finca Costa Rica in Huila, Colombia

Finca Costa Rica is located in Santa María, Huila, Colombia and is owned and run by Faver Ninco and his family. The farm sits at an elevation of 2,005 m.a.s.l. and consists of 10 hectares with approximately 19,900 coffee trees in total, The 19,900 trees are the following varieties: 5,000 Caturra, 8,000 Pink Bourbon, 2,200 Geisha, 3,000 Papayo  and 1,700 Java. 

Faver’s coffee journey began about 25 years ago, when he learned everything he knows about coffee production from his father and neighbors. About six years ago, he became very interested in coffee varieties and specialty coffee. His four children also were involved in this process, and now they all participate in the farm´s production; each of them owns their own coffee plants and carefully selects the varieties they want to grow to contribute to the family’s economy and their own.

Huila Mágico - 3rd Edition Winner

Among the four children, Liliam Camila, who is 22 years old, is the youngest member of The Coffee Quest team in Colombia. 

She oversees The Coffee Quest’s buying station in Santa Maria. She analyzes every coffee that is brought to the station and carefully cups each sample to make sure they all meet TCQ standards.

Approximately 3 people are employed year-round by Finca Costa Rica, and between 8 and 10 pickers are needed during the harvest. Banana trees, avocados, and vegetables are also grown on the farm for the family’s consumption. They have a forest reserve that is about 1.5 hectares in size, and they are very protective of the wild animals and water springs there.

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