Fazenda do Juquinha, Brazil

Ivan Prado de Melo and Weder Batista are two brothers-in-law who run Fazenda do Juquinha in the South of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fazenda do Juquinha is a 15he farm that produces mainly Topazio, Yellow Catuaí, and Yellow Catucaí. Their coffee grows at an altitude of around 1300 meters from the sea level.

Their coffee is proudly 100% natural, from the field directly to the suspended terrace where the coffee dries and rests for 50 days. Since they produce different kinds of lots when the volume increases, they check if the coffee cherries have enough space in between and whether the humidity is no more than 14%.

Ivan and Weder may be newcomers to the coffee world, but their extensive background in farming and their eagerness to study and adopt better coffee production practices set them apart. Their farm’s history is one of courage and audacity. In 2016, after Weder inherited the farm from his late father during financially challenging times, he decided to take a risk and fulfil their original vision: producing specialty coffee. Although they lacked industry experience, they recognized the perfect climate conditions and saw an opportunity to combine their passion with a practical approach. Every day, they learn something new, generating job opportunities for others along the way.

Brothers of Boldness

At Fazenda do Juquinha, the core staff consists of just two permanent employees, but during harvest and fertilization periods, the team grows to include 20-25 members. The families of Weder and Ivan actively participate, providing crucial support and nurturing the farm’s overall well-being.

Weder and Ivan’s passion and dedication shine through in every aspect of their farm. They prioritize the environment, avoiding chemical fertilizers, and preventing soil erosion by utilizing organic minerals for farming. Their forward-thinking plan involves creating a new area for coffee planting without ploughing the soil, preserving all the vital minerals already present.

The Coffee Quest wholeheartedly admires the honesty and aspirations of this exceptional team. Both parties share a profound understanding of “partnership,” where mutual support fosters growth, as Weder eloquently puts it. The Coffee Quest is thrilled to collaborate with such entrepreneurial personalities and eagerly anticipates a long-lasting relationship. They appreciate the team’s commitment, passion, and audacity, which they believe are essential elements for a brighter and promising future.

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