Mellow Yellow, From Los Patios, in Gigante – Huila

Straight from our Processing HQ – Los Patios, in Gigante, Huila, we bring you Mellow Yellow — Our first successful Co-Fermentation process.

Developed by our Research & Development team, this lot aims to elevate the traditional and chocolaty profile of Colombia, with a touch of sweet peach notes.

We buy de-pulped cherries from various producers in the region, whose farms range from 1,600 – 1,900 m.a.s.l and are an average of 3 Ha in size. Before delivering the wet parchment to Los Patios, these producers handle the first stage of the processing with 12 hour aerobic fermentation in cherry.

Once at Los Patios, our R&D department adds the commercial peach concentrate, along with our own proprietary solution to the de-pulped coffee. There is an additional fermentation during this stage, but more so the focus is a transfer of the precursors available within our peach concentrate + proprietary solution.


Delving into Co-fermentation Processes

This fermentation and absorption phase lasts for 2 days until the coffee is drained and placed to dry at Los Patios for between 12 – 16 days, where it is monitored and rotated constantly to ensure an even drying.

At The Coffee Quest, cup quality is paramount, but bean quality is also of utmost importance, and embryo preservation was one of our key goals while developing processes.

We are thrilled to have found success again with Mellow Yellow, while also preserving the physical quality of the beans.


Transparency Report?

At The Coffee Quest, transparency is key.

Our Transparency Report is available on request, so get in touch today for an in-depth look at our ethical and sustainable sourcing practices!

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